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Undergoing major repair need help

1983 240D Automatic Transmission

First Thing first is it possible if the crankshaft was crack in half for it not to have done any damage to th rest of the engine. When you take the oil filler cap off the engine one can clearly see the crankshaft snapped in half. One mechanic said that I needed a new engine. Another said that if no damage had been done to the pistons or the rest of the engine then all that was needed is to replace the crankshaft.

Second is there anywhere I can get detailed instructions on taking the top half of the engine off to get to the crankshaft. The haynes manual only tells how to replace the crankshaft once the engine is out of the chassis.

Third has anyone done his before, if so can you tell me what to be aware of whle undertaking this challenge.

I have plenty of time to do this I have until the middle of August, so time is not a critical factor in this but i want to get started in the next few days, monday would be a good day to devote all day to this projet.
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