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I answer questions where I have valuable info. I often refrain from adding the most important piece of info: there isn't a snowball chance that anything I say is going to help cause most just don't got a clue.

How would you like some guidance next week through brain surgery. The worse is the lack of respect for how complicated this can get.

I tend to go along and give all the info thats asked for even though I know most won't have a chance of using it. I have gotten some real diagnostics out of clothes pins and paper clips for those who really wish to understand. If you really wish to know I'll help. I get 20 personal email a day from people on this site expecting me to look it up for them.

It gives me the right to step on a soap box every now and then. I wouldn't even bother if it weren't for the few who really wish to know. You know how much it cost me to know.... it cost everything. I will expend any amount to know, it's always the way I have been. I don't just learn cause its cheaper than doing it some other way.

I'd rather teach em to fish than take em all to Red Lobster.

The point is that just because you can only understand a simple answer, it doesn't mean there is a simple answer. If I tell you to get a wiring diagram and thats too much for you. I need to be done. I have left more than one post where there was nothing left to add.

If what you want is that 300Es need OVP relays on Wednesdays and fuel pump relays if you didn't get a good nights sleep. I don't play that game and I leave posts that stay there after guidance.
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