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From what I understand, there is no alcohol in properly prepared biodiesel. The byproducts of biodiesel are methanol, which should be reclaimed by distillation from the glycerine. Glycerine will biodegrade on its own and is basically non-toxic. Lye is sold and used everyday for clearing drains. What little is left to get washed down the drain isn't gonna hurt anything. The rest of the waste would be food particles, etc. from the filtering of WVO and you have this problem with prepping WVO for straight use anyway. Water that is used to wash biodiesel will have very small amounts of lye and methanol in it provided the biodiesel was made correctly so again, down the drain. Is this a pollution issue? Maybe but likely quite a bit better than burning petro fuel so its a lesser of two evils thing. With WVO my concern is removing the salt, sugar, and water from it prior to use. This would require filtering, washing and drying. I know many people use it straight but I am not comfortable doing that. The other issue is the loss of space in the trunk. The best possible WVO conversion would remove the stock tank and put in a small petro tank of @5gallons for startup/shutdown and another @20gallon tank for WVO use. Obviously this would cost money. I use the trunk of my car regularly enough that installing another tank large enough to be practical, would severely limit my use of the trunk. I know guys like FmB carry around jerry cans of WVO so that they don't have to use petro on long trips but where do you put the luggage? Maybe you don't pack as much stuff as my wife when we travel.... I believe my money would be better spent on a biodiesel production system as I have not one, but 3 vehicles that would benefit and I don't mind using petro if I have to on long trips, travelling, etc. RT
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