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White smoke from fuel injector; 300e won't start

I bought this car 12 months ago w/125k miles, & it has been delightful, always starting immediately. It came with virtually new plugs & new (red) spark plug wires, among other parts. My problem began last Mon morning, after a fillup on Sun nite. On Mon morning the car needed two cranks before it started, & then stumbled, with no power when accelerating from a stop. Car also surged at highway speed, running better when I took my foot off the gas (the economy needle went further to the left). I have read the posts suggesting fuel pump relay, ignition coil, resistor ends, fuel treatment & ovp. With the long weekend I began my quest. I pulled and opened the fuel pump relay, & it was extremely clean, with no gunk or corrosion; the circuit board & relay supports looked fine, even tho the part cover is date-stamped 4/86. Pulled the ovp- this too is date-stamped 4/86, made in germany, part # begins "201" & the fuse was good. (Note this is not the part number Arthur Dalton quoted as the original defective part or the good replacement one.) The car wouldn't turn over, although when I turned the key off the car seemed to catch ever so slightly. I had my son try to start the car so I could observe the engine compartment, & when he stopped cranking the engine I saw a puff of white smoke come from the injector closest to the front of the car. (The engine compartment is covered with condensation as it has been raining & damp all week, including today.) It seems to me that this smoke puff signals a leaking injector seal, which needs to be tightend (is this possible) or replaced. BTW, there was no smoke at any of the other injectors.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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