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What the...

I removed the fan shroud and looked for the 19mm bolt on the bottom, but I can't find it (feeling around with my hands). Part of the reason is that I can't stick my hand in there. Do I just stick in my 19mm box wrench?

When I took a look at the alternator bolts, I noticed that they were loose! I remember loosening them up when I was trying to fix one of the pullies. But after my failed attempt, I had a mechanic repair the damage I've done. The mechanic overlooked the loose bolts on the alternator.

I removed the lower bolt on the alternator and as I was loosening the upper bolt, the belt came off the alternator. I'm hoping that I can reinstall the alternator the same way it came off and not even bother with the tensioner.

Any advice/opinions???
1986 Gold 300E 4Dr automatic
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