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Update on project :Water Pump

So I started out by removing the radiator and fan blade and shroud. Next I took out all necessary bolts to pivot water pump freely. I could not remove the center bolt for the fan clutch so I left that on. I removed the bolts on the Y bracket; all except for the one on the left. I serched everywhere for a an allen tool that would work in this situation to remove the water pump bols and found nothing. Up till here everything was going fine. Then it happened, the lower left bolt slipped and messed up the allen part of it. I tried and tried diff. ideas but due to the limited amount of space nothin realy worked. So I went to Sears and picked up a bolt out kit. Thank god when I got home it WORKED. And the water pump came right off.

Now, one of the main concerns I have is that the rediator and water pump had stuff comming out of it that looked just like barf, throw up, & vomit. I am guessing that it is oil mixed with coolant. Does this mean I have to change the head gasket? If so how hard is it and am I off to a good start since by the water pump being removed? Does the intake and exhaust manifold have to come off in order to replace the head gasket. Give me anymore tips or ideas you guys might have.

I just wanted to say I appreciate the help you guys have been giving me. Than You
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