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400E...agree with replies so far. I searched for mine for about 4 months. ...have had it for 3 years..'92. LOVE IT ! Issues with the car: wiring harness..can cause various electrical, ignition, running quirks. Brakes, although excellent at stopping, prone to going through pads quickly and warping rotors...not had huge issue overall...just be aware that it's different from your average 124. Cooling must be in excellent shape. Any component out of service or worn WILL cause overheating. This car has so much packed under the hood, there is little tolorance for hot temps. This includes thermostat, radiator, coolant, auxil. fans and the associated sesnors and relays. My final advice, and this is for 400Es and any other older Benz: don't buy one that had shady records. You will only pay for it in the end. My experience has been that these cars produce an extreme level of longevity when they are properly maintained. In turn, they hide maintenance issue a long time if unkept. Then when you least expect it...BAM!.. So, if you look long enough, you can find the car that's been garage kept, MB shop maintained, driven to church :-), etc... The 400E, not as much as the 500E, were soon found out to be a blast to mistreat..they can be driven extremely hard and folks did just that...look every one over carefully. Good luck. Oh yeah, I'd buy another 400E any day...
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