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Technical Accuracy

I am constantly faced with a quandry.

Should I leave technical inaccuracy unattended? Should I correct a member of good standing and significant contribution? This isn't my site and I have no responsibility to it or its members. I like to talk but I hate contention.

I was a chess star in high school but quit the game in college because I didn't like what I did to win. I have the ability to be real nasty and I work to keep from going there. I have never left an untruth, uncountered; but it can be costly.

I have been able to leave posts where the truthful thing would be to state that there isn't enough knowledge to continue. but, I can't pull myself from mis statements that can cause future damage.

How should I handle it? I had to listen to a good friend the other day tell about how he was getting beaten up for telling a bunch of BMW techs online that they shouldn't be working on what they were as they weren't prepared. I went into the site and read it. it wasn't pretty. I was embarassed to tell him that he had to be more tolerant; and real embarassed to tell him the level I put up with on this site. I didn't tell him because he would look down upon me.

Should I stay to tech only sites where technical inaccuracy has a half-life in nanoseconds? Where contending views are sorted out through facts not case studies?
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