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Even someone that is recognized as an expert in their field cannot claim to have all-encompassing knowledge on any topic.

This is true for automobile techs too!

Steve, I have found your contributions invaluable, and have often wished that I didn't live a week's drive away so that I could repay some of your contributions here with some business. You would be missed greatly!

For the sake of clarity and accuracy, I would hope that you would be able to correct even the most seasoned pro when they do slip up. Would you take offence is someone pointed out an error that you made? I don't recall such offence being taken.

One thing that we should remember is that the archived posts serve as a valuable resource for all members, and having them contain accurate information does nothing but increase their value to everyone on here.

Thanks to Steve, Doc, etc. I know more about my car than the service writer at my local dealer. My knowledge of some things like the AC/ACC system even surprised one of the dealer techs the other day. ALL of it was learned here.
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