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I really don't mean to be a grouch or anything, I respect everyone's views, but I gotta add something:

Everyone seems to be obsessed with exactly how much oil is left after pumping vs. draining. I think it borders on having OCD or something if we are really that concerned over a matter of a couple of ounces. When I change my oil, the color of my oil remains "new" for a long time. If there was enough old oil still in the system to make a difference, I'm sure my new oil would be a lot darker right off the bat.

Also, my manual calls for 8 qts on a refill and 8.5 on initial fill, so that leaves .5 qts. Granted you change it hot, all of that .5 qt is not just in the pan, it is also on the top end of the motor, since it has not yet had time to trickle back down to the pan.

Point is: The amount of old oil left over is negligible. If you insist that pumping your oil is better or if it makes you feel better, fine, please do....but let's not get obsessive or neurotic about this.
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