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water pump drainage hose - idiot me

I submit this for the possible benefit for those who, like me, did NOT attach the drainage hose BEFORE reinstalling their water pumps.

What an idiot! I left the hose off thinking that this would ease access to the lower bolt, but getting the hose on afterwards was a 1 hour exercise in pure frustration.

What I ended up doing was to make two small holes in the side of the hose about 1.5" from the top. Through these holes I threaded some string, thereby eliminating the need to "fish" for the hose after dropping it for the 50th time. If you pull the sting taught and secure it, then this helps line up the hose to the connector. Next I used a small hand mirror (to see beneath the pump housing) and some surgical hemostats to push the hose upwards onto the water pump hose connector.

I hope this helps someone who makes this unfortunate mistake.
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