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You're an asset to this forum. As a certifiable shade tree mechanic, I have my fair share of misconceptions and probably have forwarded too many of them. You and your fellow pros make me more informed everyday. My world is very simple, four vehicles (2 volvo, 2 benz).

There are few absolutes, even in automotive diagnostics and repairs. Therefore, I never presume that your (or any other respected tech on this forum) choosing to not comment on a thread equates to your blessing the technical content/accuracy.

One thought that may help your techincal conscience or perceived need to correct. There appears to be a number of recurring items that captures folks attention (and emotions). Lubricants, antifreeze, brake fluid, spark plugs, R-12 to R134 conversions, HVAC diagnostics, and the list goes on..... You might consider addressing items that are really grabbing your attention, with a technical article as you've done using other articles [yes, the man is published]. Stated differently, transfer that energy to an article/tech-document/tech-note you can point to in your response to an inaccuracy. It doesn't have to start out "complete". It could start out addressing a specific area (with a caveat that puts the information into the correct context). Then as others items need to be addressed, you could add to. Your doing it in one place, vice "everytime".

Thanks for all of your contributions.
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