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Cap'n: did you tachometer in the instrument cluster drop as the engine "stumble"? I also have the ezl ignition unit.

I have a similar problem. I did measure resistance in the sensor that is located in the front of the engine(M102). Resistance witin specs. I did also try to wiggle the coax cable because the "stumbling" is very random. No difference.

All the resitance specs were within limits described in the service manual. I did do all the test but since I don't have a scope to "see" the signal sensor generates. Could a very dirty sensor generate less voltage output in signal?

Where is the sensor on flywheel located? Engine; M102 -87 not 16 valve

Stevebfl: Could you verify if this ignition module(ezl -87) has an internal pulse or an external trigging sensor? I read another post where you had written something about this.

Any ideas?! Sorry for bumping a old thread.
'87 MBenz 190E 2,3 8vlv

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