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I would hope that any inaccurate posting is corrected, especially a technical one. I am extremely grateful for the total knowledge this site provides and especially from professionals such as you.

Although a member for only a few years myself, it seems that there is often a process to the postings for help- that is, someone will request help/information and that is followed by often by both anecdotal experiences and then by someone who has "been there and done that".

This is where it can be hard on moderators. The most posted items (brands of oils, spark plugs, tire etc) all bring personal experiences that by definition are not empirical, but make for some lively and often good discussions.

What seems to set this forum apart from others are the collective intentions of the members and the moderators. By and large, it appears the members of this forum are good-hearted people willing to help and share around remarkable automobiles. I recall our efforts to help a family in desperate need in Kansas about a year ago, even to the point of sending them money. Good hearts.

Thank you for all your postings for those of us who are in search of correct solutions.

You have helped me personally several times and I am enjoying the results of having been technically corrected to the RIGHT repair/solution for our cars.

This is incredibly invaluable in my opinion. It is the difference between fair and excellence.

I look forward to your next technical corrections ...

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