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Too Many Parts?

Hi, all. I'm new here--and a complete dullard when it comes to cars--and I have been reading the millions of posts on stalling.
I have a 1994 E320, 104 engine, 124 chassis, and I have the stalling at any speed/engine rev in park issue. It happened out of nowhere, no other problems beforehand.

My question is this: I went to my local Brooklyn dealership (Sovereign--not where I bought the car 2 years ago and where it has been serviced since day one, in Nanuet, NY), and I got the following list of things to replace:
1. wiring harness (there's a crack)
2. crank sensor
3. overload relay
4. air mass flow sensor
5. fuel pump relay
Also, it was recommended I change out the plugs, altho this was not crucial right now. Total: $2900.

Now, I am a blank slate on this stuff, so I apologize if this seems like a dumb question, but: Do I need ALL these parts on a car that was MB maintained and that the Sovereign shop foreman said was the best-maintained car he's seen in years?

I just need to know it's not a scam job. If it's a matter of covering all bases and avoiding future grief, I guess it's okay, since I'm such a "girl" when it comes to repairs and I have to take my 2 toddlers to day care in the car.

Please, any ideas? I finally have the $$ to do this, but I'd love to avoid being fleeced, since I'm currently (since 2001!) unemployed.
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