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well, jack d, you should stop your laughter now.

the reason i identified the manufacturer of the lubricant that i used is because valvoline used to identify some of their motor oils as "racing". they did this for single weights and for at least a 20W-50. they were available over the counter and i am pretty certain that since they carried an sae ident that they carried all of the additive package ingredients that their non-"racing" marked, over the counter lube oils contained.

it was probably a marketing gimmick, but the service manager at my old benz dealership used them because he insisted that the "racing" stipulation identified a more thermally stable lubricant.

and by the way, i have a much lower opinion of lube oil blenders than you do having worked with them all concerning their reported formulations of lube oils for stationary, spark-ignited, natural gas-fueled engines over the last thirty years.
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