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Steve and all the other great guys on the forum,

One reason for my visits here is the opportunity to learn more. I like (g/f would change it to love ) my car and I want to learn how to maintain in the right way and how to deal with problems. Without those with more knowledge than me it would simply be impossible to improve skill in automobile technology.

For all of us who don't repair car for a living, sometimes the service manuals aren't enough. We need help to understand what we really read. It's the same thing with diagnosis, we need help to understand what we see.

If I would be corrected by a member known for accurate posts I would never be offended. I hope all professional techs bear with us for all the stupidity we(read I) posted because the simple fact that we don't know any better.

Without your posts this forum wouldn't serve it's purpose. To give help and share it with others about the topic MBenz. Thanks to Steve and all the other great members that correct us when we are wrong.

Was it my question about ezl module and trigger pulse that triggered this?!
'87 MBenz 190E 2,3 8vlv
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