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I posted a question to all asking about removing a broken key out of an ignition for a 94 c280.
The task was completed soon after I had my hands on the replacement tumbler and steering lock mechanism.
After a short examination of the parts, I was able to determine the course of action needed to remove the old tumbler.
Actually, I will be able to return the steering lock mechanism since I did not damage the old one in the process of removing the tumbler.
I did not have any help on this except for a "cut it off" suggestion from my mechanic and a response post.
That said, if anyone tells you to send this job to a dealership think twice; instead of spending $600 (quote from the Mercedes dealership) I did it myself for $42.50 (cost of the tumbler).
I think I will add Master Drill Technition and Certified Dremel Advisor to my signature.

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