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Not dumb questions...

Hey Moo,
The 1, 2 and 3 on your oil pressure gauge represent the European measurement of pressure (Barometric pressure or BAR for short). 1 BAR = 14.7 psi (or 15 psi rounded). So, 1.5 BAR (at idle) represents roughly 22.5psi and pegged (guages reads 3 at anything over 800-900 rpm) should mean around 45 psi.

As far as the o-ring on the dipstick, I'd say you should be able to find something adequate at most parts stores. However, if you've got a dealership or a good independent mechanic around, you can pick one up there. I would guess under $1 (of course, something like that shouldn't cost more than 5 to 7 cents...)

Don't know nothin' about your oil filter though... (sorry).
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