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I was thinking of sending you a private email this morning before coming across this thread. I think that I read the thread that led to your starting this one. That is what made me think of writing you.

Before I get to your subject, technical accuracy, I want to ensure that you know just how valuable your posts on this forum are. You have a unique combination of technical intelligence (that is not meant to demean your general intelligence,) analytical mind and vast experience.

The automotive world is very complex. I'm not only speaking of the many technologies and sciences involved, but the minds of everyone who is or think they are knowledgable regarding automobiles. Not only are there an extraordinary number of myths in the automotive world, but there are zillions of people that think they are experts.

Concepts and theories are just that until proven in practice. You are at such a level of experience in understanding such concepts PLUS your experience has honed this knowledge to a very sharp edge of accuracy. You KNOW what works and what does not work in practicality and you UNDERSTAND the concepts involved.

We have lots of well meaning people that enjoy posting here on mshop and we also have the casual visitors that are just looking for some quick advice. As within any group of people, whether it be a group at work, school, church, clubs, etc., there are good attentive, appreciative people and there are JERKS.

Your patience and willingness to help ALL of us is incredible.

There are probably some people that log on looking for an answer, you give it to them and they go on without even saying thanks, like ships passing in the night. All they know is that they got your answer. They have no idea about the high caliber of the person that offered it.

In the thread that put me in mind to write you, you pointed out that too much compressor oil could destroy a compressor while not enough would simply wear it out. I totally understood your answer and realized the value because I know your background, reputation and experience level. The person to whom you offered this valuable information never understood just how valuable the information was.

I know that you have seen hundreds if not thousands of auto a/c systems and have seen what works and what doesn't. In that statement alone, I learned something that would have taken several years of observation on a daily basis, plus an ability to understand what you were seeing.

Although accuracy is nothing that is open for compromise, I am thinking that maybe in cases such as this, where someone wants to argue about fact, maybe it would help you to just tell them that you have offered them the facts and it is their choice to believe it or not. There are some things that are just fact. The Sun continues to rise in the East and set in the West and this will continue regardless of who does or who does not believe it.

I understand how it can bother you to know that you tried to help but someone refused to listen. I'm sure you've heard the old saying that "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

I speak for myself, but I expect I speak for most everyone who frequents mshop when I say that you are not only highly appreciated, but you are the pillar of experience and technical accuracy on this site.

The amount of VALUABLE information and advice that you share here is incredible. In spite of that vast value, I can't recall even once where you asked for ANYTHING in return.

We thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Memorial Day,
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