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Hey Steve,

I'd been a member in this forum for a while an I KNOW how valuable you advice is. I am lucky to live only an hour away from you and I have taken my car to your shop in the past for different problems. You also have helped me on line directly on different car problems over the years. You have corrected me quite a few times and I never took it personal because I KNOW I am a DIY'er and you are a PRO with over 30 years of experience.
I certainly would hope that if some wrong advice was given by anyone, you or any pro on this site, would step in and give the correct advice for the problem in a professional way. Keep in mind, it may also help future readers of the same topic through the "search" function in the archives.
Remember that the vast majority of this forum are DIY'er with different levels of experiences united with the common love for our MB's and, a few pro's to keep us straight.
Your knowledge is unquestionable and invaluable to this site and I thank you!
'86 300E
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