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Decided to have the dealer tech inspect the plugs. He agreed the plugs indicated a rich fuel mixture, he check the O2 sensors and it tested faulty, replaced sensor.
I driven about 1000 miles on new plugs, O2 sensor, I pulled the plugs to test my compression, and the plugs still indicate a rich fuel mixture. On my forum question about compression, I noted a friend ďLudwig from Germany told me to try the Bosch F9dc0 plugs. Iím using Bosch F8dc4 that the owner manual indicates to use, but it also calls for F9dc0. Ludwig said MB went to the F8dc4 to improve the idle, however itís a colder plug and may indicate a rich fuel system and the f9dc0 will burn the fuel better.Ē Iím trying these plugs, but is this the correct thing to do, the removed f8dc4 plugs are totally black?
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