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why does my ignition rotor burn out

my 380 sl was breaking up. The rotor was burned out. I mean the brass end was gone and the center of the arm was gone half way up. I don't know how it ran at all. the cap & rotor only had about 3000 miles on it, having installed it after buying the car with 107000 miles on it.
The cap looked good except for a slight discoloration on one contact. I found out that ignition wire was bad so in went a new set.WOW! BIG$$$$$ That was 1000 miles ago. Going on a trip with it Friday, so I checked the rotor. The brass end is OK but the brown end of the rotor has turned black and is slightly pitted. the cap looks like a good 40000 mile cap would look like. Any one know what could be causing this?
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