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Please tell me good news

I performed the cylinder leakdown test as explained. Starting with the cylinder closest to the timing chain as number one and working my way back. The air filter housing was removed and a plastic bag placed over the intake. When 100psi was blown into the cylinder the bag would fill with air. It was not an out burst of air but enough to see the bag fill. I could also hear air coming out from down where the timing chain is. The second one air also came out of the intake more than the first. The third air very slightly came out of the intake. While the fourth one no air came out of the intake but air did come out f the exhaust. It was enough that if you placed your hand two inches away from the exhaust pipe one could feel air come out but not in a gust of wind. What does this mean for me by this does this mean the pistons were damaged. Or was it just the camshaft and the other broken parts.
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