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I believe now that I can rule out several things.

1) Aux fan- The aux. fan only comes on when temp goes above limit. Since I can't get it to charge up, high temp is not an issue yet.

2) Pressure switch- Compressor does come on momentarily when switch is shorted, but the stops soon after.

3) Expansion valve- Don't believe expansion valve is obstructed since there would be big differential between high and low side pressures.

What I can't rule out.

1) Relay problem.

2) Fuses or fusible links. I checked one fuse that I believe is for a/c, but don't know if there are others.

3) Other sensors.

4) Compressor oil. Accidentally added some oil to the suction side and not just the discharge. Don't know what impact that might have?

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!
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