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Originally posted by stevebfl
Compression specs are tricky as gauges and techniques change actual values. The important thing is that there be no more than 10% difference from cylinder to cylinder.

The running at idle could be motor mounts or a performance problem. If you didn't have it before you might have them check into it. With all they did it should work as new.
I didn't mention they also changed the motor mounts and engine shock mount as well, Timing chain, radiator, and fan
Sometimes when it idles the engine will take a dip like a misfire and then come back up I mention this to them but they didn't seem to concerned. The engine also clatters at idle which it never did before. Could there be a problem with the injectors?
The biggest problem is that the service manager doesn't know squat about diesels and I think something is lost when he tells the mechanic. My car is the only diesel they have worked on in the past year and before that only a couple of 5 cylinder ones
which are noisy not like the 6 cylinder which is supposed to be wisper quiet.
Just hope there not doing all this work just to bill Mercedes.

Last visit over $9000. in parts alone

And they want me to bring in the car for more work.

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