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I hope everything I post will be scrutinized, criticized, contested, contradicted, or even completely ignored as needed to get the job done. Nothing personal. This is what makes a technical forum work! Polite discord can serve to unravel the truth. It is healthy. If I am given good advice, and decide not to take it, it is my own damn fault, and some lessons need to be learned first hand. Those who ignore advice from Steve are probably stubborn fools, or perhaps ignorant of the value his perspective brings, but so be it... one cannot save the entire automotive world.

I do try to persist on matters of personal safety, and I hope everyone will have the tenacity to 'nag' anyone who is likely to hurt him/herself in their intended course of action. Otherwise, advice is like anything else- you can only expect to get what you pay for!

I am also very experienced in my own technical field, and I think I may know what Steve is getting at. Sometimes one feels like the boy in "The Emperor's New Clothes". The man is naked. That is the truth, there is no gray area about it, no one else can see it, and it is so hard to let it go...

After a while, you start to see new people heading down the same dead end paths that have been tried by so many before them, and there is nothing you can do to convince them to turn the other way.
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