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Steve, it's just amazing that you contribute to this site as much as you do. There are sites and forums such as this one pertaining to my profession, but I never go there because I'd rather do something else with my free time.

I think most of us realize how valuable your advice is and that it is coming from a real pro. But of course there is always at least one bad apple. After reading the rest of the comments here, I went in search of the offending thread. In that case, I definitely think you should "go there" and finish the job. The guy's mind is made up and, now that he is personally attacking you, I think you would be well served to exercise your authority (and responsibility) as a moderator to simply delete the entire thread.

If you're thinking of checking out, and it sounds like you are, then may I suggest the less radical step of turning off your email and P.M. links so that you can just browse the forum at your own discretion without having people bother you individually.

Finally, if/when anything serious enough happens to one of my cars that requires a shop visit, I will certainly investigate the possibility of coming to Gainesville. Your expertise is certainly worth a couple hours drive, and a whole lot more.
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