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UPDATE-Alternator removed and replaced

Thanks to everyone who responded to this post. (Esp sixto)
I saved hundreds of dollars removing my alternator and replacing it myself.

Total time from start to finish is about 30 min.
I just had my bosch rebuilt here in Hawaii for $150 (1yr warranty)
New was $700, authorized Bosch rebuilt $250-300
A mechanic wanted to charge me approx $120 for removal and replace - NO THANKS I'll DO IT MYSELF w/the help of supporters from

Here is the details step by step.

1. Disconnect the battery
2. remove the cover from the back of the alternator w/8mm
3. remove wires on the back of the alternator
4. Loosen up the 17mm bolt
5. Loosen up the 13 mm tensioner bolt
6. Loosen lower bolt on the alternator
7. Loosen upper bolt on the alternator
8. remove the lower bolt on the alternator - belt can now slip off
9. remove the upper bolt - alternator comes right out.
10. put in new alternator and put in the upper alternator bolt
11. Put on the belt and the lower alternator bolt (you'll need a crow bar for leverage)
12. tighten up the 13mm tensioner bolt
13. tighten up the 17mm bolt
14 put back the wires behind the alternator
15. put back the cover on the alternator (8mm bolts)
16. reconnect the battery

I hope this helps someone else save $$$$$.
1986 Gold 300E 4Dr automatic
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