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Question Tranny fluid level when cold

Just noticed a puddle of tranny fluid under the 81 SD.....
It's been parked for several months I want to drive it again.

Anyhow, checked the fluid level before starting up the car and the level is.....about 6" above the full mark !!
I want to suck out some of the fluid with the Topsider but not sure how far the level should read when the car is sitting with the engine/tranny cold.

For my tranny (722.303) the manual says 5mm below the mark at 68F, but only after driving and working the gear shift level to the different positions.

I would rather not check the level after warming up the engine/tranny unless it is necessary to do so.

First of all, is it normal for the dipstick to read this high after the car sits for a while ?
If so, I would be more comfortable starting/driving the car so I can check the level with everything warmed up sufficiently.

Thanks for your help,

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