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My coolant light is coming on. First dimly and then more bright as I drive. It is not consistent though. It does not happen everyday. The level is good. I searched this topic and still have a few questions.

1) What causes my light to come on? I know low level , but does the coolant have to be a 50-50 mix to come on? Steve said something like that. Does my model have that type of operation?

2)Where is the sensor? How do I get at it? Is it on the side of the reservoir or do I have to open the reservoir cap? What color is it? Can I simply try to pull out and clean up and then put back?

3) What is the going rate for the new sensor?


'89 420 SEL
'90 300 SEL
'68 Olds 88 Convertible
'84 300 SD (sold it)
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