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Johnson Chan
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Look what i found in my basement (S class armrest fridge)

I was digging through my benzbin (no pun intended) and found a 140 (S class 92-99) armrest refridgerator. A few years ago i was going to build the ultimate S class (tv headrests, picnic tables, the works) then the friggin dot-coms changed everything

So has anybody seen one of these in a s-class? Does anybody know what it is worth or if they are still obtainable? The reason i ask is because back then i had a very very hard time finding this and *possibly* this is one of the last ones in the world that is uninstalled and brand new.

Whats neat about this thing is it has a factory look, unlike the aftermarket "universal" ones, this one fits snuggly into the center console and matches the dashboad texture, etc.
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