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A Burst of Cold Air in the Winter Time

I had just the opposite happen around Christmas time, had the heater on and all of a sudden a blast of cold air, it lasted a couple of minutes and the heat came back. This happened only a couple of times and has been good ever since.....I thought it might have been the "Monovalve" sticking closed....A couple of weeks ago I was having trouble w/ my A/C, (luckily it was not related) so after looking at posting on the Forum I looked at the Monovalve, I took the 4 screws out and pulled the coil and plunger assembly off from the top...the plunger was kind of crusty (reminded me of a piston from a brake calipier after about 100k miles) and the plunger did not want to move up and down thru the coil freely so.....I cleaned it up w/ WD40 and a 3M scrubbie pad and reassembled the monovalve...I then turned the PBC unit to max heat and then took the electricial wire off the monovale and retouched the wire to the monovalve a couple times and I heard a "click" each time..(the monovalve was working)....It doesn't leak and appears to be working fine......

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