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M103 head r&r more pics, what's with #6 cyl?

There are more photos at in the 91 300SE other head and manifold shots album.

I'm curious about the varying surface textures and colors of the coatings on the exhaust valves. I'm particularly curious about the loose carbon-like scale in the #6 combustion chamber. It flakes right off.

A local indy serviced the car before I got it in June 2000. The green stuff that was in there wasn't so green anymore as you can see from the residue in the coolant passages. Is this what green stuff turns to over 3 years and 25K miles? No wonder I'm changing a head gasket.

Greg in Oz, pulling the head with manifolds wasn't so difficult. In retrospect, maybe I could have left the manifolds in the car. The only really difficult job would have been detaching the EGR pipe from the bottom of the intake manifold. There isn't room for a big enough wrench between the intake manifold and the crossmember.

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