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Go to Victoria's Secret ... Get a Nice Bra!

Seriously, check out this film that Griots offers ... though I haven't placed any clear film on my car yet, I am considering this product ...

My Cali-Autobahn runs are definetely subjecting the front facia, fender flares and hood to sand, dirt and bugs ... just passed through a swarm of Bees (killer bees of course) on the Freeway ... Blat - Blat -Smack ... it wasn't pretty. The bodies did come off very easy as I have been waxing with S100 (Carnauba based) and wiping down with Meguiars' Final Detail (thanks Afshin!).

If you do go with masking tape as others have recommended (besides the bra, which I still think you need to buy - black), use a product like Giots' Speed Shine or Meguiars' Final Detail to wipe down the car once the tape has been removed. Speed Shine works great to remove 'crap' on painted surfaces ... I even use it to clean my Evo-IIs (damn MBZ brake dust!).

My $.02
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