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Hot weather problems

I've only owned my 1988 560sl for a few months now, so this is my first summer with it. The car has been running great until I drove it back from the mountains to Phoenix this week.
Problem #1
It was 110 degrees today and the car doesn't like it. I am having a hard time getting it started. It cranks but won't start for a long time, pumping the pedal seems to help. After it starts it runs fine, smooth idle etc. If I shut it down hot and try to restart it it fires right up. The ABS light is NOT on (I searched the archives and found the OVP relay ABS light thing) doesn't seem to apply. Any Ideas?
Problem #2
Until the weather got hot the engine temp was always around 80 degrees. Now that it's warm I've noticed the temp rising to 110+ degrees when climbing hills on the highway, turning off the A/C doesn't seem to help. It cools right down to 80-90 degrees on level ground. It also gets a little warm in stop and go traffic. I hear the electric fan (under the hood) come on when the A/C is turned on. The temp gauge in my C-280 stays at 80-90 degrees under these same conditions. Is this normal for the 560sl or do I have a problem?

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