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The TSB I stated is for 60x engines (diesel) which have hydraulic lifters, not the gasoline engines or other diesel engines. If oil is leaking out of the oil filter housing when the engine is off, it will take time to fill it up after the engine starts. Meanwhile, the lifters may make noise until they get the oil.

Since the 240D does not use hydraulic lifters, the O-rings may not be the cause. If it makes more noise when the engine warms up, you may want to check the valve clearance since the gap become larger as the engine gets hotter. Correct me if I am wrong.

You do need to check these O-rings on MB diesel engines every oil filter change. Also check the center of the shaft to be sure oil can flow freely inside the shaft from the O-ring end to the cap end. There is a tiny drain hole on the shaft near the cap end.


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