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I think the ACLU should take on this issue. Here, mighty MB has manifestly decided to take all control away from us mere mortals. What if we wish to burn up our motors when the compressor locks up. Or maybe we can do better without that extra horsepower on full throttle than without A/C.

Maybe that diesel would rather run with A/C till the battery goes dead than not, the motor will keep running.

I firmly believe corporate lawyers came up with the speed comparitor concept. They knew that the arrogant first owners of these things would burn the motors up while under warrantee rather than turn off the A/C. The device was purely self-protection on their part. If it were my car I'd ***** can the whole thing and use the simple relay. but then I am smart enough to turn off the compressor when the thing locks. Actually I am smart enough to hear it coming and fix the thing first.

BTW only the early Klimas can be by-passed with the stupid relay. The HFM cars don't like it. The HFM needs compressor on information for idle control.
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