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I actually like having the compressor cutout in place. Once the system is sorted out it works just fine. Age and use introduce multiple failure points, all of which have to be identified and repaired.

Here's why I like having the system in place. I don't know what a failing a/c compressor sounds like; I would never hear it coming. I actually had the compressor lock up about a year after getting the Klima situation sorted out. In retrospect, the compressor *was* making a little bit of noise beforehand, but it was far too subtle for me to put two and two together. Now maybe if I was Steve or Donnie I'd have recognized impending doom - but I'm not, and I suspect neither are 99% of the people here. The a/c worked fabulously right up to the point where it stopped. The failure happened in remote West Texas. As much as it stunk to be without a/c out there, it would have stunk a whole lot more to be on the side of the road with a broken serpentine belt.

One man's opinion.

- JimY
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