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Sure it is not the sender...

I have seen many fuel gauges go "flunky" and usually it is the sender. I'll trust you on this one. I actually have a "flunky" gauge on my 190E right now and I am ignoring it till I can get the nerve to fork out the cash for hte new sender cause mine is going bad. The contacts corrode over tiem and you get an intermittent signal which makes the needle wiggle and bounce around. IN ANY CASE....
Ya, there are a few places that can do a repair, I will have to look them up again...I used to do it, but the time and effort and the sucess rate we were seeing was not good enough to continue.
I would personally recommend calling Potomac German Auto Parts to see if Pat can get you a good salvage part. They will just sell you the right portion of the cluster that has the fuel and oil pressure gauge in it and they are a fair deal.

Potomac German Auto North
4305 Lime Kiln Road
Frederick, MD 21703

Phone: (888) 236-9727
Fax: (301) 874-2450

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