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Originally posted by DR.DIESEL
That is the KG reminder warning telling you to not leave your
keys in the car. All MB's with Keyless-Go display that with a door
open. It is not defeatable, The only way to turn it off is to tell
the Cluster that the vehicle does not have KG. The draw back of that is, KG will become inoperative.
Maybe someday down the road we will have the programming ability to turn just that beeper off. Unfortunately not yet.
Thanks for the quick response. I understand the logic (actually, I do for when exiting the car, but it also does it when entering the car!), but I still find it very annoying. I'm fine with the display saying something, but would prefer not hear the annoying chime. Apparently this is how it's set for German cars (chime off) so there must be a way to disable the chime. I've complained to my dealer, and hopefully enough others will and MB will get the message.
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