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High Gas Consumption

Hi All,

Since Nov. 2002, I've had this problem:

1. Higher gas consumption---from previous 21--23mpg to 18 mpg

2. Engine a little rough ONLY on cold startup--a little rough for about 1 second, then it becomes smooth. On some cold startups, it isn't rough.

Other than that, my 300 TE runs fine. Lots of power on acceleration. No engine hesitation. But sometimes can sense an occasional SLIGHT engine miss at idle.

--Spark plugs are new--Bosch copper H9DC (.032 gap)
--Air filter is new
--Changed one of the vacuum lines w/c I broke from the top of the engine which is connected to the breather hose
--Cleaned and filed distributor cap and rotor with sandpaper
--This week, I put two bottles of techron injector cleaner but to no avail.
--Have always used branded premium fuel, either Chevron or 76

Tire pressure is right. And I drive sensibly.

I've had the car since 75K miles and to my knowledge, it still has the original fuel injectors. I'm thinking the injectors are the culprit.
I also haven't changed the fuel filter since I got the car but I don't think the fuel filter is the problem since the car has smooth acceleration and the car is Starmarked.

Hope the pros can help. Thanks, RV
92 300 TE (103 engine) 115K miles
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