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Couple of days ago I accidentally stepped on the gas pedal while the 98 E320 was in park and the car started shaking fairly violently from the engin bay. I also noticed that the RPM was right around 4200. I tried one more time and the same shake resulted. Is this normal?

Also, regarding the charcoal filter (cannister), when is the right time to change it? The owner's manual says every two years, but the prior posts indicated that the filter can last up to 60-70k miles. Which is it and how can I order it from the shop?

Lastly, what are your thoughts on the M class? My wife really likes the suv, but I am very concerned about the reliability issues. Any thoughts on the issue with respect to the 00 or the 01 projections on reliability? I just have a feeling that M class may not be a vehicle that I can keep for 10+ years (unlike the E320) without many headaches.

I have following this discussion forum for a some time now and really appreciate all the good info and advice. Thank you in advance for responding.
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