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'04 C320 Transmission, will a 'Used' Gear Selector Unit 'Plug andd Play' w/o reset??

Code P0715 is the Only code...Auto-Transmission problem. This code usually means 'Oil trouble' but I'm quite sure I broke/shorted the gear selector unit. I had trouble moving the shift lever and noticed a piece of wire (glasses frame) had fallen under the boot into the gear shift selector unit. When I 'yanked' it out, she jerked and was stuck in 2nd...limp. I've heard that, on certain models, if you replace the 'gear shift selector unit' with a used one, 'With the Same Part #, it will Plug and Play without needing Re-programming. Am I one of the lucky models? I don't have codes from the TCU (don't have 'trans code' reader). I can't imagine what else it could be. Could I have 'shorted' another part? Do codes need to be cleared? I think I can clear the P0715 with the reader I have.
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