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ac fans not engaging

I am trying to remedy a problem with the a/c on my 95E320. I am to understand that the two fans should go on when the a/c is on and shorting the pressure switch. This is not happening.

I cannot seem to establish a ground at the aux relay. If I manually close the relay, the fans do turn on. I have checked for voltage from the a/c circuit (pin #86 on the relay) and it is there (12v). But ground is open. Even with S32/1 shorted out of the circuit. In fact, I get an open circuit between pin #85 of the relay and either pin of S32/1.

Am I infact checking S32/1. Is it the pressure switch adjacent a/c compressor switch that has two blue with red strip wires coming from it. The reason for the question....the schematic says that the wire between the relay and the pressure switch is a brown with grey strip. Mine has a brown with grey strip exiting the relay, but going to the pressure switch it is a brown with blue strip. Very confusing! Do I have the correct part? If not, where the hell is the d..m thing?
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