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s32/1 is on the drier with a short pigtail set of leads ..
The top switch is not the one you want for a/c aux fan, it is the lower one..
If you have manually closed the relay and have fan, make sure you have the correct relay... there are two [one for high fan-Engine temp sensor activated--- and one for low fan- a/c , pressure activated].
You are looking for continuity from pin 85 to s32, but make sure you are on the correct relay...

Slot B is K10 -low fan pre resistor relay [ a/c]

Slot C is K9- high fan [ engine temp ECT sensed]

These are interchangeable, so you may be on the wrong relay when looking for ground from 85 to s32....
As you already know, 85/86 are relay primary coil circuit....

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