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Insist on new valve guides on M103?

On a couple of occasions after working on the 300E, I started the car and saw white smoke coming out the tailpipe. Admitedly this was at night in high humidity, but the last time, I put my hand in the exhaust, and it smelled sweet.

I ran a compression test, and got this:


I may be relocating before year end, so I decided to replace the headgasket while I have the facilities to do it myself.
Since concensus seems to be get a valve job while the head is off, I called the dealer and asked which machine shop they use.

In talking to the machine shop he said he only replaced the valve guides "if they are worn out" .

From reading M103 valve guide posts here, it sounds like I should insist he replace all the guides.

Do I go with his opinion, or insist on all new guides?
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