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Here is the details. Following Anthony detailed description, I was able to open the hood. Today I went to the nearest MB dealer and got that plastic handle. It costs me $3.60, not $10.00 - very reasonable... The plastic package contains the pull handle itself, a special bolt(metal), a metal spacer and a tightening nut. It's easy to install. I made a mistake though the 1st time. Remeber you have to insert the bigger(triangle)end of the handle into the grill from the back of the grill first then link the other end of the handle with the other plastic hook, then start to tighten the nut. The nut is loosening-resistant which is very nice.
I also had to replace the front two yellow turn signal covers(They called it blinker lamp). The passenger side cover just fell off while I was driving. It sounded scary when it hit the rear moving tire. This also blew the turn signal bulb. It looked awful when it's like that. Last night I also played around with the turn signal cover on the driver side and guess what- it broke, too! The plastic clamp was so brittle it broke right off! I was glad to catch this and tonight I fixed them all. The plastic cover cost me $72.00 each and the bulb cost me $1.30 - all got from the dealer. I can't believe this plastic cover costs that much. It's a genuine MB part but is made in Czech Republic.
While I was putting back the pull handle I studied the other hook(made of same plastic) Boy, would it be difficult to open the hood if that one breaks off! I just pray that one won't break.
I don't know how many other parts are like this that need to be repaired or replaced. I got this one('89 300E) just one week! I am prepared for more surprises. But I tell you the car drives so good, it's better than any of the new cars I've ever driven! It's amazing that it's 11 years old.
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