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2nd iteration

Thanks for your reply arthur.

You have confirmed my observations. If both pressure switches are on the drier, then I am definitely missing continuity between pin 85 and S32/1. I can identify S31/1 from S32/1 because pulling a lead from S32/1 with the air operating immediately shuts down the compressor. So my problem is a lack of continuity between the relay and S32/1. The only missing piece of information is where or why the leads from the relay (br/gy wire) changes to a br/bl wire. Can anyone say previous butchery? The harness in question does not match the other harnesses surrounding it as it appears to be taped with a cloth based tape, whereas the balance of the harnesses appear to have a pvc tape covering. Cut and splice time.

Was just wondering if someone out there with the same vehicle can confirm whether this is a non stock does the wiring harness leading to the fan pressure switch exit at the pressure switch with brown/blue trace wires or brown/grey?


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