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Angry Donít buy from Mercantile Europarts Inc.

Donít buy from Mercantile Europarts Inc., because it could turn in to a nightmare like it did for me. I purchased an S600 style Avantgarde grille. They sent me a broken grille, they double charged my VISA, and then they refused to fix the double charge without formal paperwork from VISA. I made numerous phone calls to Mercantile Europarts and VISA, I wrote numerous emails to Mercantile Europarts, I have done all the formal paperwork with VISA, and I registered a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but I am still waiting to have the double charge corrected. In addition, they charged me a substantial restocking fee for the returned broken part. DO NOT BUY FROM MERCANTILE EUROPARTS !

They currently use this website ( ), but they have changed the name twice since I made my purchase. They have also changed their email address and when I contact them they tell me to use another new address that doesnít work. I think this is a very shady operation and that they may be selling stuff from the back of their car or a garage in a back alley in Florida. Donít get suckered like I did. DO NOT BUY FROM MERCANTILE EUROPARTS !

I just couldn't give up on my 1995 E320.

I think it might be like always going back to that same bad relationship with an ex girlfriend.
You feel you love them too much, or you are just too stupid to know any better.

Flickr slideshow of my 1995 E320
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